March 2019 Newletter


Hello everyone

Our next quarterly installment of global climate change or spring as we know it is not far ahead and I for one can’t wait. The range should be warming up along with the weather for all to enjoy.

February was a good month for range usage at about 94 hours. Many thanks to all that came out to support the club. Anything over 100 hours goes a long way towards keeping us in the black. Please come out to shoot the leagues or just plink.  A trial run of the new action/defensive pistol match was well received and I think everyone had a good time. I plan to do another expanded version this month and all club members are welcome to participate. Check the website often for updates.

There are 2 things I need to point out pertaining to range use. One is a safety issue regarding holster draw. Drawing from a shoulder rig, cross draw or appendix type holster is not allowed ever for obvious reasons. This “appendix carry” I see on you tube is just plain stupid in my view and I would never recommend it. We do allow conventional type holsters under strict supervision at the league shoots but only after you’ve been checked out.

The second topic is regarding minors shooting at the range. As per our current bylaws a member can only bring a minor who is an immediate family member and only after the minor’s parent/guardian signs the indemnity agreement on the minor’s behalf. Minor’s who are not related to a member are currently not allowed. I understand we need to bring in younger people to keep the sport alive, but this is a liability issue for the club, and all involved. If you have questions, please contact me.

One last note. Thanks to Ed Groeber for buying new mats for lanes 4 thru 8 and all the RSO’s who contributed to buy the remaining ones. As you know clean up with the old mats was a chore. The new ones make it much easier to police up your brass.



February 2019 Newsletter


Hello all,

    I don’t know about you but I’m ready for warmer weather and an end to all the rain. I’m told we had more rain this year then Washington state. I guess it’s that global climate change I keep hearing about. Otherwise known as weather. 

    Range usage for January was up a little but not where it needs to be. Our target number for range use is 100 hours. That’s about the break even point during a regular month give or take. Any less than that is a drain on the club and the 4H. 

The league shoots have proven successful thanks to a dedicated group as well as a regular crew of independent shooters I see on the sign in sheets.  More participation is needed to reach this goal. I realize our operating hours are mostly daytime and geared toward retirees but if you can only shoot at night after work we can make accommodations. We could open one night per week if we can get enough regulars to cover RSO costs. If you have any thoughts on this topic please contact me. Also, 

Monday nights after 6:00 p.m. will have to be limited to league shooters only. The noise factor by independent shooters makes it impossible for league shooters to hear range commands and an unsafe situation. Everyone and their guests are welcome at the league shoots.

    A special meeting will be called probably in April to vote on some changes to the bylaws. The board will have a final decision on types of membership levels and costs. Also we’ll discuss how the money flows in and out of the club and why we need to take action now. Your attendance will be appreciated. That’s about all I have for now.