Hello all

The weather should be turning soon so there’s no reason to not come out and enjoy the range. The club is doing well due to the dedication by our annual members that renewed, some new members and many life members that rejoined as annual members. I would ask that any life members that are more than 3 years in to consider rejoining as an annual to further help with our financial stability. The Monday leagues, cops and cowboys, and the defensive pistol matches are all thriving thanks to an enthusiastic group of shooters. Participation on open range days is good but needs to pick up. We still struggle to meet our break-even numbers and don’t for at least half the year. It’s a burden on the club and the 4H who has been very generous to us. Please come out and use the range. All members are welcome to shoot the monthly matches. If you’re on the fence come over and watch one to see if it’s for you.

Onto another subject. The onslaught against our 2ndamendment rights continues on a DAILY basis it seems. I’ve never seen anti-gun legislation progress this quickly in my lifetime. We dodged a bullet with HB961 for this year but be assured it will be back. Many other laws are moving forward. Some are innocuous, some are outright oppressive and have serious consequences to us as gun owners. Again, I would ask you to contact your local representation and even better the opposing side and voice your opinion and displeasure with their actions. When it’s time to vote, we need all hands-on deck. Poor voter turnout was the root cause of our losing the majority in the house and senate. Complacency will be our downfall.  VCDL is an organization worth joining and is a good source of information about pending laws. 

Again, I want to thank all the people that volunteer their time to all the events and management of the club. Without their help and dedication, we would not be able to continue. Periodically, we run a basic pistol class at the range for new shooters. If you have a friend, neighbor, or family member that might be interested in learning safe gun handling, basic handgun skills and more please contact me via the club email, Thanks for your time.

Tracy Scheffling


December 2019 Newsletter


Hello all

The October renewal cycle went well this year with about 50 plus regular and associate members renewing for the 2019-2020 season. I want to thank all of you for your prompt attention to this as it makes it easier on all of us that process the renewals. I’d also like to say thanks to the life members who were very supportive of our suggestion to renew as annual members after I explained our financial picture and rejoined as annual members. A group of you stepped up and this will go along way towards getting us back on track. 

I’d like to thank our outgoing club secretary, Giff Swain, and board member Bob Rowe for their service to the club for many years. Without the volunteer staff we would not be able to continue. Member Jim Orbison and Rusty Moomey have generously volunteered to fill the secretary and board member positions respectively. Many thanks to all the other volunteers that come out to help with anything they can do including the club matches, events, maintaining the website and membership drives. These people include Paul, Liz, Simon, Rusty, Andy, Ed G, Maggie and quite a few others that aren’t even members that come early to help set up the Sunday defensive pistol match and cops and cowboys.

A congratulations are in order to club and board member Simon LeRay for winning his class/division at the South Carolina state IDPA Championship and taking 3rd place at the IDPA World Championship in ccp/ss class last month in Alabama. These were world and state level matches and are a real accomplishment. Good job.

Now, more than ever, everybody should be contacting elected officials to voice your concerns over new gun laws coming in January. I think most in our area are already on our side. We need to contact the opposing side and explain why their views are unacceptable. The only people that will be negatively impacted by these laws will be us, the law-abiding citizen. The 1% criminal and mentally unstable element already don’t care about laws. Make your voice heard.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a Merry Christmas. See you at the range.

October 2019 Newsletter


Hello all,

A reminder, the ANNUAL CLUB MEETING IS ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2019 AT 7:00 P.M. in the range classroom. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. We will discuss all annual club business and any other topics brought up. If you have an interest in how your club works, plan to attend.

Our club secretary, Giff Swain, is stepping down from his position. He’s dealing with a serious medical issue and needs to focus on getting well. We will need to elect a new secretary and one new board member at this meeting. Long time board member Bob Rowe is also stepping down and will need to be replaced. Anyone interested in one of these positions should contact me at the club email, , and I’ll give you a rundown of what’s involved.

All non-life members will be receiving a mailer within the next 2 weeks containing a renewal form and an addressed envelope with instructions for renewal. Please fill out the form with your most current, accurate contact information and any associates you want to add. Your prompt attention is appreciated. We would like to get the renewal process completed by October 31.

Currently, the club seems to be holding its own. Changes to the schedule have helped and the league and organized “competitive” shoots are still performing well. We still need more participation from everyone to keep our club going. Special thanks to everyone that runs, assists in the running, sets up and tears down events, maintains our website and actively seeks out new members.

Last, the onslaught on our second amendment rights continues. I strongly urge you to contact your state and federal representatives and voice your opinion respectfully. Thanks for listening.

Tracy Scheffling Pres. SMLPSA

August 2019 Newsletter


Hello all

The summer is ending and we’re heading into our annual member renewal cycle. There have been changes made to the levels of membership. Life and occasional use memberships have been removed and replaced with an annual general/full use and an associate level for family. Rates for these new types will be slightly increased. General member rates will be $125.00 and include full access to the range according to the published calendar and a prepaid 5 hour range punch card. Associate memberships will be $30 and will be available to family of a general/full use member. Additional 5 hour range cards will be available at the range for convenience for $50.00 and 10 hour cards at a discounted rate of $90.00. Hourly rates will remain at $10.00 per hour but can change at the discretion of the 4H management. All renewals will start on Oct 1 and hopefully be completed by Oct 31.

All current annual members will receive a mailer that will include an application form, letter explaining the new rates and a return envelope to mail with your dues. Your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated. 

These changes have been unanimously adopted by the board of directors for several reasons. First, it will greatly reduce the administrative process of the renewal cycle. Second, it will give the club management a better handle on our annual budget and general financial health. The club’s officer’s and board have met every month except for two this year to discuss and plan for the future and better manage our limited resources. The club needs about 100 hours of billable range time each month to get close to the break even mark and we struggle to do that. The club needs your participation to remain viable. 

A special word to our Life Members.  In the early days of the Club Life Memberships were very popular but that popularity came with unintended consequences.  Over time Life Memberships do not contribute to the financial well-being of the Club, in fact they often have the opposite effect.  It is for this reason that Life Memberships are no longer offered.  While your Life Membership will of course be honored the Board and Executive Committee would encourage you to consider “rejoining “SMLPSA as a Regular Member in order to ensure that the Club remains viable and here for your use.  At a minimum we would ask that you (this applies to all members) try to come to the range and shoot a little more often so that we can meet our expenses and commitments to the 4H.

We’ve also made changes to the bylaws to reflect the rate changes, clarify some other topics and removed other topics that are no longer relevant. We’ve added a covenant to charge a $25 assessment to all members in the event our income does not cover our basic expenses. This would apply to life and annual members but not associates. The newest adopted bylaws will be on the website for your review. 

A new member drive is also in the works and will be headed up by VP Al Tolley. He had some great ideas and is enthusiastic about increasing membership. Anyone with ideas about how to market the club should contact Al or myself. Increasing membership is key to our success. 50 new members would put us on solid ground. Pitch the club to friends and family. It’s a great facility and we have a lot to offer to the novice shooter or to the advanced.

Our annual meeting will take place sometime in October and I will give all plenty of advance notice. I would encourage all to attend. We will cover our required annual business, how the club finances work, and any other topic members wish to discuss. I think it will be enlightening to all members to understand our finances or bring some constructive input to improve the club.

Lastly, I have two topics. First, congratulations to club and board member Simon LeRay who earned a spot at the IDPA World Championships in October in Talladega, Alabama. This is a pretty big deal with over 400 competitors from around the globe. We all wish you success. Second, the onslaught against guns and gun owners continues unrelenting. I would strongly urge you to contact your state and federal legislators about prohibitive new gun legislation and explain to them that you’re a law abiding, tax paying citizen and shouldn’t be punished for the actions of a criminal and demented few. It may or may not do any good, but your opinion still matters.

Thanks for your time, see you at the range.

Tracy Scheffling – President SMLPSA

June 2019 Newletter


Hello all

I’m a little late with the newsletter this month because I really didn’t have to much new to report. We’re into our summer schedule now and are limited to Friday and Saturday’s. Check the calendar carefully before going to the range as our hours may be a little different due to 4H functions. The league, cops and cowboys, and monthly defensive pistol match are still going over the summer and all members and their guests are welcome to participate. If you need more details, contact me at

On another note, our “executive leadership” in Richmond is planning another attempt at more restrictive gun laws that will drastically affect all of us. Please take the time to contact your local delegate and senator and give them your opinion. See you at the range.


Tracy Scheffling Pres. SMLPSA