June 2019 Newletter


Hello all

I’m a little late with the newsletter this month because I really didn’t have to much new to report. We’re into our summer schedule now and are limited to Friday and Saturday’s. Check the calendar carefully before going to the range as our hours may be a little different due to 4H functions. The league, cops and cowboys, and monthly defensive pistol match are still going over the summer and all members and their guests are welcome to participate. If you need more details, contact me at

On another note, our “executive leadership” in Richmond is planning another attempt at more restrictive gun laws that will drastically affect all of us. Please take the time to contact your local delegate and senator and give them your opinion. See you at the range.


Tracy Scheffling Pres. SMLPSA

May 2019 Newsletter


Hello all

The warm weather is here so there’s no excuse not to get to the range and shoot. The summer season for the 4H begins on Monday the 27th so our access to the range will be limited to Friday nights and Saturday’s. We will run the cops and cowboys match and the regular league shoot on 2 of the  Friday nights and the defensive pistol match on Sunday morning once a month if we can get enough participation. All members and their guests are welcome. I guarantee you will leave a better, more competent pistol shooter. If you’ve never done this type of shoot before contact me and we’ll get together and go over the basic skills and equipment you will need. If you’re on the fence about this type of shooting, just come by and be a spectator for the first one.

On another note, I would like to thank Ed Groeber and Cedar Creek John Breeding for their work on the props needed for the cowboy shoot. Some good old American ingenuity fixed the problem with the shotgun targets and they work really well. Also, a huge thanks to Maggie Larsen who built and maintains our current website. I would not be able to do this on my own.

Lastly, a shout out to 3 of our members, Mel Lofurno, Giff Swain and Rick Marmaduke. They’re dealing with some serious health issues and I hear making positive progress. Best wishes from your friends at the club.

See you at the range.

Tracy Scheffling

President SMLPSA

P.S. I’m told our state legislators are still working on a “ red flag “ law and a mandatory background check for all firearms transfers. These laws if passed could have a very negative affect on all gun owners. Please read about this proposed legislation and contact your representative appropriately.

April 2019 Newsletter


Hello all 

March was a good month for range usage at over 100 hours. Thanks to all who came out to support the club. During April and May, we will open with after work hours from 5 to 9 on the 2nd and 3rd Thursdays for those you that have daytime jobs. This is on a trial basis as Thursdays are usually slow. Please check the schedule for specifics.

The league shoots are going well and have plenty of room for new shooters. Cops and cowboys is also going strong and has a new expanded format that allows some shotgun use. We had a trial run this past Monday night and it was great fun. If you want further details contact me at the club email, The action pistol shoot will also be expanded with a weekend shoot pending approval from the 4H.

If there are any ladies out there that are NRA certified instructors that would be willing to head up a ladies only shoot (a girl and a glock) please contact me at  This could be very good for promoting the shooting sports and increasing much needed new membership for the club.

One last note. All life members that are not fully paid need to square up with the club. At least ¼ of all life members are in arrears on their 5 yearly installments of $10. RSO’s will be checking this status when you come to shoot at the range. You’ll be allowed to shoot only once until you settle up.  Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Please come and enjoy the range and support your club.


Tracy Scheffling, President

March 2019 Newletter


Hello everyone

Our next quarterly installment of global climate change or spring as we know it is not far ahead and I for one can’t wait. The range should be warming up along with the weather for all to enjoy.

February was a good month for range usage at about 94 hours. Many thanks to all that came out to support the club. Anything over 100 hours goes a long way towards keeping us in the black. Please come out to shoot the leagues or just plink.  A trial run of the new action/defensive pistol match was well received and I think everyone had a good time. I plan to do another expanded version this month and all club members are welcome to participate. Check the website often for updates.

There are 2 things I need to point out pertaining to range use. One is a safety issue regarding holster draw. Drawing from a shoulder rig, cross draw or appendix type holster is not allowed ever for obvious reasons. This “appendix carry” I see on you tube is just plain stupid in my view and I would never recommend it. We do allow conventional type holsters under strict supervision at the league shoots but only after you’ve been checked out.

The second topic is regarding minors shooting at the range. As per our current bylaws a member can only bring a minor who is an immediate family member and only after the minor’s parent/guardian signs the indemnity agreement on the minor’s behalf. Minor’s who are not related to a member are currently not allowed. I understand we need to bring in younger people to keep the sport alive, but this is a liability issue for the club, and all involved. If you have questions, please contact me.

One last note. Thanks to Ed Groeber for buying new mats for lanes 4 thru 8 and all the RSO’s who contributed to buy the remaining ones. As you know clean up with the old mats was a chore. The new ones make it much easier to police up your brass.